Who are we ?

The JustinPro team is composed of 2 audiovisual enthusiasts who devour the series in the comfort of their living room, at the bottom of their sofas. We do not pretend to be great journalists or make headlines, but simply to bring entertaining content to these SOAPs series that we love just like you.

We have set up this project around the small screen because we think that these SOAPs bring a lot of well-being and are the daily rendezvous of many people who want to have fun after a hard day. We make these summaries with simplicity and humor for all SOAPs lovers who wish to enjoy them without worrying.


Hi! I’m Justin Pro, and I love writing about soap operas (particularly Days of our Lives). I’ve been captivated by them since I was a little kid, and my passion for journalism has only grown stronger over time. This blog is a way for me to combine those two passions and entertain readers about their favorite shows. Thanks for visiting – feel free to contact me if you want to chat!

Email : justinpro.pro.contact(at)gmail.com