The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps from Mar 4 to Mar 11

The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps from Mar 4 to Mar 11

The Young & the Restless spoilers for the week of Mon, Mar. 7, to Fri., Mar. 11, involve a collision between the past and the present. The same while Phyllis is trying her best to assist Jack come to grips with the chances he missed with Keemo. While Lily is encouraging her sister to take her chances, & Billy is leaning on his best friend. The other women are getting closer to becoming “the other lady,” as Victor takes aggressive action against Ashland and Nikki reroutes poor, naive Victoria. We wonder if Sharon will come to terms with the fact that her groom has yet a new love interest?

Opinion piece: Victor is going to face the worst fight ever as Ashland rejects to go away without a fight — also, a Jack surprise is in store, and Lily’s huge scheme has viewers on the edge of their seats!


The following are spoilers for the episode of The Young and the Restless that will air on Fri., Mar. 4th:

In today’s recap, Sharon blocks Nick from launching an attack on Ashland, while Jack & Phyllis come upon an unexpected treasure while traveling around Los Angeles.

Red arrives to save the day! Phyllis treats Jack with a lot of harsh affection, which is one of her specialties. Is it going to be ample to get him out of the spell he’s unquestionably tackled in?

The tricky topic of being too engaged in Nick’s family’s affairs will almost certainly be raised when Sharon offers a warning to Nick. Isn’t it typically the case that this happens?

We must question whether Victor has finally encountered an opponent who he cannot outmaneuver in Ashland Locke as the game progresses while Victor contemplates his next move. He hasn’t done so, of course.

This Sunday is the first game of the season! When the Heart Sings: A Sneak Peek at the Film Once again, Lucas & Nathan are engaged in a war for Elizabeth’s attention: I say to myself, “All right, let’s just end this.”


The Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of Mar. 7th are as follows:

In a taste of what’s to come on Young & Restless, Victor asks Nate for help in stopping Ashland, while Victoria is mad at her father for violating a family boundary.


Young and the Restless Mon, Mar. 7th spoilers:

After notifying Victoria of her father’s allegations, Ashland calls Victor’s bluff in Mon’s episode. Lauren is worried about Michael, and Jack & Phyllis are on the lookout for proof.

Victor’s bluff is called when it comes down to it, hopefully not in a bodily sense. Because the Mustache has never shied away from issuing an ultimatum, we predict a dramatic conclusion.

Phyllis is supportive of Jack as he works through his feelings of guilt and regret. No one can help but believe that when the Abbott heir’s emotional turmoil ends, these two young people will be standing together.

Uh-oh. Lauren now needs to be concerned for Michael’s well-being, which validates her worst concerns about her husband’s decision to return and to work as Victor’s employee in the first place.

Tracy Bregman, the young and restless dynamo, opens about her love and her passionate flair!

Michelle Stafford leaves viewers hanging with a life like cliffhanger: “They’ve taken over the whole place.


There are spoilers for The Young and the Restless for Tue, Mar. 8th:

As Victor stands against Ashland, it is becoming clear that this will be a battle for all eternity. Whether Locke will become a murder target as a result of the horrific cancer fake becoming public knowledge is something we have to worry about. And who, among our suspicions, will turn out to be the scapegoat?

It’s possible that Nate may come to regret his career decision, as well as the friendship, if he finds himself in an ethical issue.

If Noah is abandoned by that girl in London, will Sharon see a darker side to him than she has been seeing, or will she see a happier and a not so caring son who has been given a new life? We can only hope for the happier side and, it seems like, there is good reason for this type of hope.


The Young and the Restless Mar. 9th spoilers include:

Phyllis supports Jack in achieving closure, revealing that she is the friend he had assumed she was when he first met her. Nevertheless, is it the end or is it only a preview of the shock that Peter Bergman had previously promised?

It’s impossible for us as writers to wonder whether Traci will be able to assist Billy in overcoming “podcast-block” when she comes to his rescue. Is there any such thing?

When it comes to their respective enterprises, Devon & Lily are faced with a difficult decision: whether they should combine their efforts. Will the siblings come to terms, or grow even more separated as a result of their disagreement?

When he auditioned for a soap TV show with his brother’s fiancée, the cinematic sex superstar describes what happened: “I stunk up the room so terribly, I didn’t get a call back.”


Young and the Restless Thur., Mar. 10 spoilers:

Victor doesn’t tell Lauren what is going on. When angry, this furious redhead can be quite dangerous, therefore, the Mustache may want to come up with plausible justifications for why he dispatched Michael to work on his behalf in Peru in the first place.

Since the teaser implies that “Kevin knows the goal,” we must question whether Lauren enlists the help of Kevin, the famous hacker. Whether or whether Michael can be found will depend on the abilities of the former chipmunk bandit.

Victoria has been noticeably absent from recent events, particularly when it comes to her husband. Nikki, on the other hand, could finally have some hope if she guides her child in the proper direction.


The following are spoilers for the episode of The Young and the Restless that will air on Fri., Mar. 11:

With his memories of his past tormenting him, it seems that Jack is going to be emotionally tortured in the future. Will he possible be able to look past his deceased son’s death, as well as their tumultuous relationship, in the past?

When Amanda confides in Devon about her concerns, will the loving millionaire heed her words of wisdom? Or is his gut feeling going to be more audible in this situation?

This seems to be entertaining! In this case, Chelsea is endangering herself, which could only mean that she’s flirting with Rey Rosales, the newlyweds, a man she so desires. The day will come when Sharon recognizes what is taking on right in front of her eyes!

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