The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps from Feb 28 to Mar 7

The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps from Feb 28 to Mar 7

This is going to get hot, & we will be ready. Between Mon, Feb 28th & Fri, Mar 4th, The Young & the Restless spoilers reveal Victoria makes a gamble that will definitely surprise Daddy. As Victor follows through upon a threat (that will have devastating consequences for Ashland!, Sharon & Phyllis alternate dropping the bombs of truth on their ex-significant others. Additionally, Michael is very out of his depth, & Lauren is frightened that he may lose it! Discover all you need to know about these teasers & more in the sections below…

Spoilers: The Young and the Restless for the week of Feb 28th:

Victor’s involvement in the battle against Ashland, and what should happen to Devon or Abby or Chance, and Amanda, and a merger frenzy is on the way!

The following are the Y&R spoilers for Mon, Feb 28th:

In Mon’s recap, Devon’s taken aback by Lily’s idea, while Billy too struggles to maintain his podcast, & Jack makes a pivotal decision.

As Lily describes it, a meeting that is of the top minds may include everybody from Devon all the way to Nikki, unlike others who graciously shared wisdom & encouragement over her new career route. The issue is whether the difficulties Neil’s daughter is experiencing have any relationship with the Chancellor Industries group or are personal.

Let the revelry begin! Amanda & Imani have an issue, which we know will end in a heated argument. Would these two ferociously separate sisters reconcile?

Jill gives information, & it is probable that Lily may benefit from her sound advice. We got a suspicion that Billy’s wife will manage whatever she is dealing with in a New York minute as her confidence in her new position grows.

Spoilers: The Young & the Restless Tue, Mar 1st:

According to Tue’s recap, Nick is enraged when he realizes Ashland’s dishonesty, Jack & Phyllis go to Los Angeles, & Nikki successfully stops Victoria before signing the contract of Ashland.

Victor’s epiphany Y&R

When Victor puts Nick’s loyalty to the test, his fight to defend his company takes on a personal dimension. Will the boy who refuses to participate in business dealings still stand with and when the stakes are highest for his father?

Jack convenes a family meeting in the aftermath of the heinous discovery he & Phyllis made. Is it connected to Keemo’s heartbreaking news?

Will Nikki cast doubt on Victoria’s judgment, compelling her to rethink — & maybe change her approach? Or is she going to disregard her mother’s warning & proceed with her ideas?

“All right, let’s get this over with,” Lucas & Nathan say in a preview peek from When Calls the Heart.

The Young & the Restless web spoilers, Mar 2nd:

The Young and the Restless has provided us with a significant indication as to the direction of Ashland Locke’s storyline… Additionally, it is pretty effective!

Victor’s ultimatum to Ashland brings the tension between the two corporate titans to a climax. Is the Locke Ness Monster going to bow before The Black Knight’s demands to try and save the marriage?

As if Victor doesn’t already have enough on his plate! When Adam clashes with Victoria, the atmosphere in the Newman household becomes more heated. Which one sibling will prevail in their head-to-head battle?

She is just a sweetie! Also, Tessa offers Mariah a necessary vacation. However, we must enquire as to why is the redhead in such an eager need of diversion. Is it possible to over-prepare for a wedding?

The Young & the Restless Thursday spoilers, Mar 3rd:

When Victor does as he threatens, Ashland Locke may have a horrible day. Thus, what we are attempting to convey, could it be the case? It will be a day that will live in abomination — & Ashland will get to regret it for the remainder of his years.

Devon, obviously, is committed to Dominic’s best interests. Will his action, however, cause someone else’s nose to bleed?

Victoria makes a dangerous option, which Victor may not expect — but who are we talking about; he is always ten steps ahead. What danger would she expose herself to by taking such a risk is the real question?

The Young & the Restless Friday spoilers Mar 4th:

Red has yet again come to rescue! Phyllis offers Jack some tough love, which she does on a regular basis. Is it going to be enough to save him from the predicament he’s found himself in?

When Sharon warns Nick, it is virtually certain that it will be about the perils of being too engaged in his family’s troubles. Isn’t that always the case?

Victor mulls about his next step as the game progresses, & we’re left to wonder whether he’s finally run across an opponent he can’t outmaneuver in Ashland Locke.

In the meantime, what does the newest Ashland find signifies for the lovers of “Ashtoria”? For us, we got the impression that we are aware of something, & we dislike it. This is our reading.

Spoilers: The Young and the Restless for the week of Mar 7th:

When everything is said & done, Ashland calls Victor’s bluff – hopefully metaphorically! We anticipate a dramatic conclusion since the Mustache has never backed down from an ultimatum.

As he works through his grief, Jack communicates his regret to Phyllis. We can’t help but imagine these two teenagers holding hands at the conclusion of the Abbott heir’s emotional roller coaster.

Oops, Lauren now must worry about Michael’s safety, which confirms her deepest fears, i.e., her hubby returning to work under Victor.

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