The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps from Feb 14 to Feb 18 2022

From Monday, Feb 14, 2022, to Friday, Feb 18, 2022, Young & Restless teasers which aren’t as romantic as always. Lauren enjoys living on the edge. Victoria is glad in her career fighting pursuits. Victoria takes pleasure in having an advantage over an opponent, Ashland — while couples like Adam & Sally & Mariah & Tessa make time for cuddling. Abby realizes that she has even more tears to shed, while Nikki becomes a focus of Nick’s attention.

Friday Spoilers February 11 Young & Restless:

On Friday, Ashland tells Victoria, Billy dazzles Lily, Victor entices Nikki, & Sally & Adam toasting each other. Now that Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, Victor & Nikki have more opportunities for lovemaking. Will the business magnate treat his love to lunch at the famous ranch or take her out of town?

On Valentine’s Day, Billy surprised Lily. Is this linked to his previous daring venture? We’re just guessing right now! It doesn’t appear that Ashland is having a particularly romantic day because he is compelled to tell Victoria the truth.

We’ve seen something like this, so we need to ask if the admission is a hoax — or if it marks the start of this powerful couple’s demise. If that’s the fact, let us take comfort in our remembrances of “Ashtoria” as it featured in our lovely photo collection.

The Angry Rant of Young & Restless! The shocking news is on the road for Abby & Devon. Valentine’s Day is approaching. Chelsea & Rey are seeing each other, and Billy’s insomnia is now being cured!

Monday Spoilers February 14 Young & Restless:

Adam and Sally (the new COO) combine business and pleasure on Valentine’s Day. What color will Genoa City’s powerful couple use to paint the city?

Is it possible that when Sharon & Rey play cupid, they’re trying to find Noah someone to distract him from his prior relationship difficulties — and his obsessive obsession with Tessa? By the way, we’ve got the right young lady, the beauty from the Bold and Beautiful.

Mariah and Tessa manage to find room for romance as they prepare to marry and create a family with each other. Which is simple now, not so much when there are children present. That’s when things start to become tough!

Tuesday Spoilers February 15 Young & Restless:

Will Amanda’s invitation come from the wealthy Devon or someone entirely different? Will that be an offer she won’t be able to turn down?

When Lily asked if Billy would mind being her right-hand man at the firm he’d aspired to head, she may have been onto something. The relationship could be in for a tough period as he adjusts to his new role.

For Abby, it is one disaster after another. She found out about Chance, who is concealing information. Take a gander at your past, buddy. Have you ever succeeded in maintaining a secret? No.

Wednesday Spoilers February 16 Young & Restless:

Maybe his big plan involved selling Newman Media to Victoria? Victor enlists Adam’s help in gathering information about Ashland. Doesn’t it make you wish that the private investigator agency of Paul Williams was still operating?

What may be causing Nick’s concern for Nikki, who is always looking out for others and attempting to maintain stability?

We pity the batter who is up against Victoria when she plays hardball. The powerful businesswoman is more likely to hit her mark than to miss!

Thursday Spoilers February 17 Young & Restless:

Maybe Phyllis, who appears particularly perplexed as to where they all stand nowadays when Jack receives a perplexing message?

We assume Lauren’s dangerous decision has something causing her re-teaming and join Chelsea. She is the legendary con who stole off before leaving Genoa City the last time they teamed up. To the redhead, do the phrase “once bitten, twice shy” have no meaning?

Phyllis returns home only to find a surprise, which is interesting because Jack is likewise engrossed in some sort of puzzle. Is it possible that the two occurrences are linked? We’d put money on it.

Friday Spoilers February 18 Young & Restless:

Michael tells Victor negative information. It sounds exactly like the Ashland surprise we anticipated. But it needs to be seen how much dirt he evokes on Locke also how much the consequences will be!

Nate & Elena talk about their future. Will they talk about marriage, children, or a separation?

These kids seem to be actually making it formal! What type of response will Adam’s family, the Newman-Locke staff, and, particularly, Chelsea have when Adam & Sally describe their relationship?

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