The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps for the Week of Mar 14th to 18th, 2022

The Young and the Restless spoilers and recaps for the Week of Mar 14th to 18th, 2022

As Victor’s struggle with Ashland heats up, Nate is forced to make a decision in our list of the newest spoilers of the TV soap Young & Restless from Mon, Mar 14th, to Fri, Mar 18th. Fortunately, he has someone ready who can assist! Meanwhile, Nick partners with his father to illustrate that combined, they are far better than being alone. Nikki hears the perspective of her own son-in-law on Cancer gate. When Jack’s world is flipped, Phyllis offers help to turn it back around. Should we also worry about Michael as much as Lauren? Get the lowdown on all of these spoilers & more down below.


Spoilers for Fri, Mar 11th episode of The Young & the Restless:

In this week’s episode, Jack’s clue takes him right to Allie. While Chance cracks after treatment. Chelsea & Rey catches up. Aww, it looks like Jack is going to be emotionally strained as he is tormented by his past. Is he going to succeed in putting behind his dead son’s death & their rocky relationship behind him?

As Amanda expresses her worries to Devon, is the adoring millionaire going to take her counsel? Or will he pay attention to his gut and not listen to her advice?

Ooh, this seems like fun! Chelsea goes ahead and plays with fire. This means one thing only: she’s flirting with the recently married guy of her dreams, Mr. Rey Rosales! We are really excited to see what will happen when Sharon realizes what is going on in front of her.

Spoilers Mon, Mar 14th The Young & The Restless:

In the recap from Monday, Victoria goes ahead and confronts Ashland, & Allie refuses Jack. Victor does everything for the company he created from the bottom up and his family — so it’s no wonder that he goes to tremendous lengths to safeguard Victoria. But would he be able to protect his lovely daughter from the reality of her marriage to the Locke Ness Monster? Or he will come to the realization that, like pulling a band-aid, it is best to disclose everything at once?

Victor’s wife, on the other hand, was always dubious of his probe of their own son-in-law, so Nikki may be swayed when Ashland starts defending himself.

Peter Bergman forewarned his Genoa City alter ego that a bombshell was on the way, & that’s precisely what Jack receives when his realm is shattered. I am, and you too will be curious whether his astonishment is related to the strange new add-on to the community that is like a home to him.

Courtney Hope deconstructs the sensual sequence that began ‘Ally,’ leaving her hopeful she didn’t play an “accidental peep show.”


Spoilers The Young & The Restless for Tues, Mar 15th:

As Victor & Nick plot, it’s everyone needed to salvage the Newman enterprise. Does this mean that the proverbial Black Knight is finally facing an opponent he can’t defeat in Ashland?

Phyllis is usually at Jack’s side, assisting the ex with tricky familial connections.


As Nate discovers a newer side of Ashland, the bestie blinders look to be falling off. Will he go against the guy who granted him a prominent career & also flew him to Tuscany to be the best man at the wedding? Given the doctor’s inherent goodness, we’re betting he’ll do anything he thinks is right.

Spoilers Wed, Mar 16th The Young & The Restless:

Victor will take all assistance he can find in this war! But will the ammo he gets against Ashland be sufficient to retain the corporation he created from the ground up in Newman’s hands? Couldn’t he just use the money to solve the problem? He surely has the money to do as he pleases!

Nate, who is still pondering his next step, receives the much-needed support when Elena assists him in making a decision.


After Lauren hears concerning news about Michael, Victor may end up in trouble. She definitely is pretty & small, but not someone to mess with!


Spoilers The Young & The Restless for the 17th & 18th of Mar:

The Young & The Restless will be interrupted as CBS is covering the NCAA Basketball. Go ahead and watch some sports or plan a romantic night out for yourself and the special one in your life.

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