The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 11

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 11

According to The Bold and the Beautiful, which began on Monday, Mar. 7th through Friday, Mar. 11th, according to spoilers, Deacon rushes to rescue, Sheila can’t help but disclose her victory over Brooke to somebody, & Grace creates havoc by meddling in Paris’ life. Will she have to tell the truth about her?


Spoilers for Fri, Mar. 4th The Bold and The Beautiful:

When Sheila discovers that Thomas is to blame for Brooke’s derailment, she offers a stern warning to him, and Bill shares his opinions about Brooke & Ridge.

Didn’t we inform Sheila regarding the dangers of having a loose mouth? Isn’t it ironic that leaking secrets might cause ships to sink? It’s only when she’s in the middle of reasoning with Thomas that she unwittingly falls. Is this the beginning of the end for her nefarious scheme?

You do not need to ask Dollar Bill to give his opinion in order to provide his opinion. He’s happy to share his thoughts about Ridge & Brooke with Wyatt & Liam. The wife sharing of dressmaker doesn’t seem to concern him, so why should he be?


The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers Mar. 7th onwards:

Ridge is taken aback when Brooke chooses to allow him to go in the trailer for this week’s episodes of The Bold and The Beautiful!


Spoilers Mon., Mar. 7th The Bold and The Beautiful:

In the recap from Monday, Sheila puts pressure on Thomas to be silent, Ridge wants answers, & Deacon backs Brooke.

If Ridge & Thomas have a pleasant father and son moment and they certainly do, it won’t entail Junior revealing Sheila’s error during their quarrel. Most likely, he’s pleased knowing his lifelong adversary is no longer in the life of Daddy for the time being.

Will Deacon’s compassion to a distraught Brooke take shape of a supporting shoulder to weep on or is it going to be a good set of lips for kissing? When the two of them are together, there’s always a danger — and hey, she’s got nothing to lose, yeah, Ridge?


Spoilers for Tues., Mar. 8th The Bold and The Beautiful:

Sheila cautions Thomas to be quiet, Taylor sets boundaries with Sheila, & Zende, Paris and Carter have something else cooking up in Tuesday’s recap.

Things become uncomfortable when Zende brings Paris to face Carter in a new way. How is the Forrester foundation’s wonder girl going to respond to the designer’s tough inquiries, knowing she just had sex with the COO right there?

Thomas, stunned by Sheila’s allegation, wants the full truth. Will Brooke’s lip lock with Deacon be prompted by the devious darling officer, or is she going to get her out just by talking smack from the situation she’s put herself in with her clever talk?


Spoilers for Wed, Mar. 9th The Bold and The Beautiful:

Grace interferes in Paris’ romantic life by pressuring Zende to take action swiftly. Do we truly believe that will aid his instigate? At this moment, the Buckingham babe seemed to have her eyes set squarely on Carter.

Sheila seems to be enjoying the hole she herself dug in, as she blatantly tells Thomas about her crimes against Brooke. It’s certain to be a lighting moment for Thomas, who may jeopardize his mother’s newly renewed feelings of love for his father by feeling forced to divulge Sheila’s work.

Spoilers for Thurs., Mar. 10th The Bold and The Beautiful:

So, now that she’s gotten a taste of his great guy charms, good luck with this! Will Carter’s efforts to persuade Paris that she is better off with Zende be futile? We’re going to say “yes.”

Brooke too makes an unexpected choice on their future married life with Ridge. It’s ironic that this would happen just after she gets backing from no one else but her ex-bad-boy boyfriend, Deacon. Stuff that makes you say, “Hmm ” Or you may not be bothered if you can recall her penchant for going back and forth like being in a bouncing machine.


Spoilers for Fri., Mar. 11th The Bold and The Beautiful:

Brooke’s surprising announcement must be heartbreaking, as she & Ridge have a extremely sad moment. Taylor, he’s totally yours!

This surely is going to be so much fun! Grace is ecstatic when she discovers Paris in Carter’s flat. We’re unsure why she’s treating her adult daughter like an adolescent or attempting to push her towards a seemingly arranged marriage with Zende, but we’re ready for the havoc that’s sure to occur.

Yes, few of the most popular TV characters have done things so heinous that they & their programs hope you’d simply forget about them altogether.

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