The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and recaps from Feb 14 to Feb 18 2022

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers and recaps from Feb 14 to Feb 18 2022

Ridge & Deacon clash, while Steffy & Taylor go up against their individual nemeses, in the latest Bold & Beautiful for Mon, Feb 14, to Friday. Similarly, Sheila is rejoicing over a victory, while Thomas is plotting to derail somebody’s plans. In the spoilers below, check out who he will so expertly foil.

Friday, Feb 11 spoilers on Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge sucker punches Deacon. Deacon gets honest with Sheila, & Taylor approaches Brooke in the Friday’s flashback.

We will never understand why she will not simply remark, “Honey, we have both did worst – sometimes together!” Regardless, we have such a suspicion Brooke won’t be relying on that reason as she urgently tries to calm Ridge down. If you didn’t already know where this narrative was going, the snapshot the stars just posted gave you a major indication.

However, Deacon hesitantly tells Sheila about his secretive kiss involving Brooke. Which is strange. She didn’t strike us as someone who was among the last ones to find out. Nevertheless, let’s not be upset if it is death bell for Ridge & Brooke’s love. (Are you sure you were just not going to cry?) Instead, let’s step back and look at their previous struggles, which narrate the love tale they always felt was their fate.

The following are the spoilers for the week of Feb 14 on Bold & Beautiful:

Monday, Feb 14 spoilers on the Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor asks Brooke regarding Brooke’s treachery of Ridge, while Steffy questions Hope regarding Brooke’s betrayal (Ridge). Will ancient wounds that could never be mended be rekindled when these generations of deadly rivals clash once more? We may just have to modify the ranks in our list of soap opera’s all-time deadliest rivalries by the period they’re done.

Bring on the popcorn! Ridge’s wrath is fueled by Deacon as the pair clash in a battle of massive proportions. Would the ex-convict turn upon that dresser like Cobra Kai?! And, assuming that’s the case, what would be remaining of the dressmaker once his adversary has finished with him?

Tuesday, Feb 15 spoilers on Bold & Beautiful:

As Sheila brags over Brooke’s adultery and offers Taylor her complete backing, we got to ponder whether the evil witch would take such joy within blonde’s demise that she might reveal her role in the disaster to the smart therapist.

Ridge hits his threshold with the wife while Brooke tries to solve the crisis. Will he give up on his destiny despite only last week telling her that they’d go through it all together?

Wed, Feb16 spoilers on Bold & the Beautiful:

Brooke, among the most frequent criers known, is unhappy, & Hope & Liam try to console her. Will her most ardent fans be successful in persuading her to stop crying and stand for her guy?

Instinct tells us Steffy will find Ridge better receptive than before. Brooke’s latest betrayal, as she fervently begs her father to put his scandalous wife to rest and get it over with.

Thursday, Feb17 spoilers on Bold and Beautiful:

Deacon remembers Brooke defending him in the altercation with Ridge to an elated Sheila. We can almost imagine her enjoyment as she enjoys the story — and besides, the female-devil threatened to wreck the existence of the blonde that dared to stand in her way, and she did a fantastic job of putting the turmoil in motion.

Thomas thwarts Brooke’s attempts to reach Ridge, undoubtedly enraged by his stepmother’s betrayal towards his father. We got to admit that a little resisting seems not so bad relative to many of the horrible happenings previously between the two.

Friday, Feb 18 spoilers on Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge appreciates Taylor’s unfailing help and affection. What remains to be seen is how he will express his thanks. Maybe a hug or a kiss? Can this be the start of that fresh chapter for Steffy’s parents that she had hoped would happen?

If Brooke had something to say regarding all this, she’d say no! Ridge’s former wife confronts Thomas, accusing him of keeping her hidden from his dad. Could she be capable of going past the security guard and making an emotional appeal to preserve her marriage?

Brooke may make her case, as it revisits the difficulties and hardships she & Ridge have faced previously. Other men, different women, Stephanie, & more are all on the menu!

Brooke & Ridge and Ridge & Taylor are not the only super couples on TV.

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