General Hospital spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 18

General Hospital spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 18

Here are the spoilers for New General Hospital for the next two weeks. We start Mon., Mar. 7, & run through Fri., Mar. 18. Sonny & one of his kids are at odds, & Carly – says sorry to someone!


Spoilers General Hospital on Mon., Mar. 7th.

After talking with Trina, Spencer promises his mother that he won’t break the promise he made to her when he spoke with Joss & Cam about the sex video.

Rina is not going to forget what she saw, & Cameron & Joss won’t make it out of the public eye. It doesn’t matter how hard they try; they can’t do it! Things are going to come out soon about Esme’s film making project, we have a hunch.

Sometimes, people must make hard decisions. That’s what Liz is doing!

There is still a lot of work to be done on their divorce, but Sonny won’t let that stop him from trying to his best get back together with the wife. Maurice Benard, the actor who played the couple in the show, recently told the fans a reason to think it’s not over.

This means Lucy will be there to help Curtis & Portia find a place to start their new life together. Yes, of course!

The question is: What will Brando think of Sasha’s surprise?

People “bury the hatchet” in an ABC show that opens the curtain.


Spoilers Tues., Mar. 8th General Hospital:

In the case of Cameron & Joss, they are very sure that they know who they should look for.

Spencer & Nikolas have tried to get back together before, but could this finally be the year they, do it?

This can’t be good even Kevin is worried about his brother Ryan, who has killed people before.

Britt is going to the family get together &, for once, it’s a good thing!

Victor: What’s he doing? Everyone wishes to know that, even Laura too, who also tries to get some answers.

While Bryan Craig, who used to be Morgan, tells everyone with one shot that it’s time for everyone to start worrying again.


Spoilers General Hospital on Wed., Mar. 9:

While we won’t say no to sharing a drink with anyone, we’re unsure how we feel regarding Victor joining in and celebrating the Cassadine clan’s rise to the top of the family business. On the other hand, it’s very likely that he’ll be having the excellent wine present already.

Ava & Nikolas are questioning if they are being used.

Well, Brando & Sasha get lost.

When Dante & Sam try their best, it’s just too little & too late.


Spoilers General Hospital for Thurs., Mar. 10.

Will Brando & Sasha be able to do it when they have to think on their feet?

Michael & Willow get to celebrate something. What are they celebrating?

There are no secrets or lies in the way for Maxie & Austin now that they can finally get to know each other. Even if they couldn’t, at least they could have done so had it not been for a very bad time

Robert & Anna get to talk while waiting for everyone else to catchup.

She has some news for Sonny. This will make it more difficult for him to get back together with Carly.


Spoilers General Hospital on Fri., Mar. 11:

The only person Joss can go to for help is her mother. She knows that. Even if Carly is in these kinds of situations, will she help her child feel better?

Brook Lynn is drawn to what she is seeing & wants to act on it.

Elizabeth wants to have a serious talk with Cam & Jake.

While making plans, Esme comes over. Does anyone else think they won’t be happy with the break?

Finn tells Chase what’s been going on.

Spoilers General Hospital on Mon., Mar. 14.

When Chase meets with someone, it will be very embarrassing for both of them. Then, why is it so bad?

In Spring Ridge, Cameron meets Spencer. Esme, on the other hand, must deal with Carly who is very angry. Grab a snack, because this is going to be great.

Curtis has been asked to do something he never thought he’d be asked to do.

Brad will always ask Britt for help when he needs it. Isn’t that what besties do?


Spoilers General Hospital Tues., Mar. 15:

Ava isn’t always good at feeling for other people, but she tries to see stuff through Nina’s eyes.

It’s about Sonny that Michael & Willow are on different sides of the argument.

Drew is always there for Elizabeth when she needs help. Finn, on the other hand, might have figured out they mystery.

We already know that Victor has been making his moves for quite a long time now. But we’re ready to stand united to fight back!

They go undercover, & it reminds them of the good old times.


GH spoilers for Wed., Mar. 16:

Anna doesn’t think that danger is as close to her as she thinks.

Victor shows that he’s not afraid play dirty. To ensure the safety of his family, Drew needs to meet with the father of the person who killed his mother.

Jake can’t help but think that his mother won’t forgive him.

It’s only a matter of time before Spencer & Esme get hurt. Ryan pays close attention to both of them.

Nobody thought that Joss’ study session would go as well as it did, & he did very well.

Maurice Benard says that a well-known actor is coming back!


On Thurs., Mar. 17, on General Hospital (Spoilers)

Carly is not interested in Britt’s side, but the doctor will still tell her. Sonny, on the other hand, has a very important message for Nina.

What will happen to Trina after she makes this decision?

Sam & Dante might need to adapt to the new ways of life.

As soon as Jordan sees Portia, things start to feel a little weird.

People who watch General Hospital on Fri., Mar. 18, will find out what happened.

It’s not clear what will happen when Nina & Harmony get together.

Willow’s job gets a little messed up when Michael arrives at the last minute.

The way this is going, it can’t be right. Dang. Carly looked like she was about to say sorry, but to whom?

Sam & Dante decides to take a break to think over the recent occurrences and quite possible forget about those as well to reunite.

Shawn tells Alexis about his doubts. But are those true?

Gladys is so excited about something. What is it?


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