General Hospital spoilers and recaps from Mar 21 and Mar 25

General Hospital spoilers and recaps from Mar 21 and Mar 25

This is our Spoilers for the General Hospital from Mar 21 to Mar 25, 2022. All you need to know what is going to happen on your favorite TV soap, we have got it here. Let’s dig in and see…


Spoilers General Hospital for Mon, Mar 21:

What will Nina uncover if she excels at making the connections? How would Sonny, who is typically unflappable, respond when he gets a call that he did not expect?

TJ & Epiphany’s proficiency will be tested when they are forced to handle one of their coworkers. Ruh-roh. It seems like Michael is ready to get himself into some grave trouble. Is that the kind of thing he can get out of using his Corinthos connections? (And, given Michael and Sonny’s recent squabbles, would this be a choice?)

Alexis has clarified what she would like The Invader to really be a reliable source of news. Would she be interested in deviating from her objective if she receives a delicious hint on a fresh story?


Spoilers General Hospital for Tue, Mar 22:

Curtis & Portia are having a great time as they reach a key landmark in their fairly recent relationship. Brad’s aunt is interested in meeting with Sonny. We wonder what Selina might be up to?

Dante has dealt with plenty delicate circumstances that he should have the capability to manage the most recent one. But, if he can place himself in another’s shoes, would he be capable to do just that?

Finn isn’t feeling hopeful, but Chase encourages his older sibling not to quit.


Spoilers General Hospital for Wed, Mar 23:

Drew got a message for his friend Curtis & he has one vital question to ask him: What’s next?

When you’re having fun, time flies & also when you’re held up at the Spring Ridge. However, it’s almost time for Spencer to return to home, so that Laura & Nikolas make preparations.

Let’s face it: when it comes to raising their daughter, Avery, Ava & Sonny haven’t always been the greatest job of meeting. How are they going to handle a particularly difficult parenting situation?

What did TJ witness that shook him to his core?


Spoilers General Hospital for Thu, Mar 24:


Oh, this is going to be entertaining: Nikolas believes that organizing a family meal will be a great idea. Who thinks this will go well? Bueller?

If two people thinking together are better than one, then three are unquestionably superior. So, when Anna, Sam, & Dante share findings on an inquiry, what conclusions will they reach?

When Nina goes to Charlie’s, she isn’t searching for Sonny. No, she’s really eager to see Phyllis! Well, she runs across the bar’s owner, the aforementioned Mike.

Ava is keeping a tight watch on Victor as he tries to rebuild. What is she going to discover as a result of her observations on the aspiring Cassadine patriarch?

On the other hand, Harmony has an intriguing idea for which she wants to pick Alexis’ brain.


Spoilers General Hospital Fri, Mar 25:


Spencer is going to get a surprise, while Ava & Nikolas believe that the right way to handle Victor is to ask him what he’s up to. Dante sees Jordan to discuss a case.

While Curtis is attempting to meet Sonny. Taggert & Portia makes plans to check in on Trina, considering all that has transpired in recently.

Many people in Port Charles have done things they wish they hadn’t — or maybe they didn’t.


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