General hospital spoilers and recaps from Feb 7 to Feb 18 2022

General hospital spoilers and recaps from Feb 7 to Feb 18 2022

Spoilers for General Hospital for the next two weeks, from Mon, Feb 7th to Fri, Feb 18th. Valentine’s Day it will bring love to some & troubles for others. In addition, Spencer has a guest, Terry starts dating, and Elizabeth is the focus of someone’s worry.

Spoilers for the week of Feb 7th on General Hospital

At the hospital, Maxie & Austin had a conversation.

GH Soapbox: With Peter’s exit, Willow has become more interested, and she’s supporting “Sprina,” “ChaLynn,” & Kristina.

Mon, Feb 7th, On General Hospital:

Carly sneaks up on Sonny & Nina while in bed, and Maxie reveals the truth regarding Bailey/Louise, & Peter asks Victor for yet another favor in today’s recap.

Carly rushes to the general hospital as the situation becomes more critical, whilst Nina is beyond herself with fear.

When Chase & Brook Lynn want assistance, who are they going to turn to for assistance? Maxie & Felicia patiently wait.

Victor came up with a detailed strategy in mind. However, things did not go according to plan.

Tuesday, Feb 8th, GH spoilers include:

Ned gives a speech to Brook Lynn. Peter abducts Charlotte, Ned responds to Brook Lynn’s deception, & Carly turns away somewhat from Sonny in today’s recap.

Friends and family members assemble there at hospital for a vigil & wait for news. Meanwhile, at the Haunted Star, things heat up as tempers flare.

Maxie, Brook, & Chase had to come up with a tough decision together.

Sam & Drew meet to talk about something they’ve been meaning to talk about for a long time. Will that have an influence on their relationship in the future?

Charlotte can’t help but be concerned about her father.

Wed, Feb 9th, GH spoilers include:

Valentin was discovered in the garbage at General Hospital. Maxie meets Peter, Valentin reappears, while Carly & Drew kiss in today’s recap.

Peter made it evident from the outset that his first concern is to protect himself. Today, he discloses the most recent manner he’s doing just that.

Anna, Dante, & Laura join their heads together in the hopes of proving that three brains are much better compared to one. Drew and Carly come up against each other once again.

Austin is available to Maxie when she is in need of consolation.

Nina isn’t one of those people who struggles to find the right words. But she’ll have no idea what to do today!

Thu, Feb 10th, GH spoilers include:

In today’s episode, Maxie abandons Louise and joins Peter and rushes. Laura challenges Victor while Brook Lynn confronts Valentin.

Which path will Maxie choose when she is presented with an unthinkable decision? Is this going to have anything related to Brook Lynn’s guilty feelings?

The truth, they say, would free you, but would Elizabeth & Finn be set free once they know everything?

Laura breathes a sigh of relief.

When Anna travels in search of answers, she will most likely employ all her abilities.

Josh Swickard honors his grandfather with a photo tribute on his 98th birthday.

Friday, Feb 11th, on General Hospital:

Terry is dressed in a blue dress in the locker room. In today’s episode, Liz discovers her wedding gown has been ruined. Nina admits to Ava regarding Sonny, & Carly schedules a consultation with a divorce attorney.

Curtis & TJ talk about their huge plans for Valentine’s Day as the day approaches.

Terry is preparing for her date. However, what Elizabeth learns may cause a negative impact on the proceedings!

Charlie’s is all set up for the holidays, thanks to Phyllis… But it’s not what you’d anticipate, prompting Sonny to check in with the management of his pub.

Mon, Feb 14th, GH spoilers include:

Terry can finally head out on her date. However, things do not proceed as she had planned. What will Molly’s reaction be to TJ’s next grand, romantic gesture?

What are Ava & Nikolas’ plans for Valentine’s Day?

Felix makes a significant choice after receiving the 4-1-1 sent by Carly.

Will Spencer’s surprise be the sort that he embraces… or the like something that he wishes never happened?

Jon Lindstrom discovers a Corinthos link in the most unlikely of places!

Tuesday, Feb 15th spoilers for General Hospital:

Carly has many options, especially since Sonny has had a sexual relationship with Nina. What is going to happen if she starts to investigate them?

Nina has a question for Britt that she believes he can answer. Patience is a virtue, yet it’s something Michael & Willow are running short on.

When Austin threatens Victor, is he fighting above his weight class?

Brook Lynn & Chase haven’t always agreed on everything, and yet this time, they’re in agreement.

Wed, Feb 16th, GH spoilers include:

As Brook Lynn & Chase turn to one another in the midst of a difficult situation, how far could things go?

Nina runs across someone she doesn’t anticipate in the hospital.

The Valentine’s Day activities of Portia & Curtis were interrupted, but they’re going to catch up.

Given the circumstances, Joss’s concern about his mother is understandable.

When Sonny & Michael cross paths, we have a feeling that things will become uncomfortable.

Thu, Feb 17th, GH spoilers include:

Is there any reason for Finn to be worried about Liz? Sasha is tracked down by Brando at Metro Court.

While Sam & Drew are having a romantic time on the pier, Obrecht & Austin are hatching their own scheme. But for what purpose?

At General Hospital, Laura, Felicia, & Anna assemble. The question is that the nightmare that Maxie wakes up from genuine or figurative

Fri, Feb 18th, GH spoilers are:

Even though it’s February and cold in Upstate NY, things will get hot in Port Charles!

When Laura pays a visit to Spencer at the Spring Ridge, what situation will she find him in?

Ava & Nikolas are interrupted by Victor.

What makes Sam go out of her way to find Austin & Obrecht?

Britt overhears something and realizes she doesn’t have any other option but to participate. Will she come to regret it?

Liz is concerned about the future and Finn’s part in it.

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