General Hospital spoilers and recaps from Feb 28 to Mar 11

General Hospital Spoilers

From Monday, Feb 28th to Fri, Mar 11th, we have the most current spoilers of the TV show General Hospital. Elizabeth must speak to the boys about something important, someone is packing to go away from Port Charles, & Kevin is concerned about Ryan; it should make us all scared!


Spoilers: General Hospital for the week of Feb 28th:

In today’s recap, Liz locates one photograph at Franco’s at home. While divorce papers are signed by Sonny & Carly, Finn pushes Chase to Brook Lynn. We are left wondering who will pay Liz a surprise visit… & will it put some light on prior weird occurrences?

Shawn is getting ready to give TJ an update. ( and on the basis of Sean Blakemore’s confirmation, we’re pretty certain Shawn will shout, “I’m going out of here!”)

Alexis learned to trust her newest friend Harmony; however, Diane remains skeptical.

Things will become awkward as Drew & Nina’s paths meet.


Spoilers: General Hospital for Tues, Mar 1st:

In today’s recap, Finn proposes to move & live with Liz, who is scared. Willow rejects Nina’s request to meet Wiley, & Drew provides an opportunity to Marshall, but only if he passes a background verification.

Stella advises Curtis, but is he going to accept it?

Olivia feels Sam & Carly might benefit by going away from the chaos!

What is it that Nina says that sends all of Willow’s warning bells ringing?

A chat between Michael & Chase lets them forgive each other.

& then another odd occurrence occurs, one that will completely irritate Elizabeth!

Cameron Mathison talks about the unusual illness that drove his childhood.


Spoilers: General Hospital for Mar 2nd:

Will Dante & Sam discover what’s happening to Elizabeth? & more importantly, does Jake have any answers to these crucial questions?

“You ain’t smooth,” Marshall efficiently tells Curtis. Meanwhile, Portia is overjoyed that Drew has returned to town.

Mac decides he’s ready to go back to work… The females involved in his life, on the other hand, make it abundantly clear that they will not let it happen yet.

James Patrick Stuart expresses, ‘I’m really missing GH,’ he is returning as Valentin.


Spoilers: General Hospital for Thu, Mar 3rd:

Who is the source of Anna’s surprise phone call? Curtis & Portia are stunned.

Elizabeth & Finn are astonished by a visitor who may provide light on earlier events. Austin, like many fans, is eager to see what happens next!

While serving the two customers at Kelly’s, Cameron takes advantage of the chance to say sorry.

Sneak look of When The Heart Calls: Lucas & Nathan compete for Elizabeth’s attention once more: “All right, let’s get this out of the way.”


Spoilers: General Hospital for Fri, Mar 4th:

A somber event is being commemorated by many communities.

Could the fact that Brando & Sasha waking together be a sign they have finally rekindled their relationship?

Drew is told by Anna that a critical situation has developed!

Things become a bit uneasy when Cameron & Joss stumble into Trina.

Laura has been out telling everyone, even Nikolas’ wife, regarding Victor. So if she sees her adversary & Ava together, she’ll be suspicious!


Spoilers: General Hospital for Mar 7th are as follows:

Trina will be unable to forget what she saw, & Cameron & Joss will be unable to hide from the spotlight… even if they put their best efforts into it! (We have a feeling Esme’s filmmaking attempt will be disclosed…)

Sometimes tough decisions must be made… which is precisely what Liz is forced to accomplish today!

The divorce is progressing apace, but that won’t discourage Sonny from doing his best to reconcile with the wife. Given the couple’s depiction, Maurice Benard recently gave fans cause to hope it isn’t finished; we are curious if he’ll find success.

Curtis & Portia are trying to find a house in which to begin their new relationship., so Lucy is available to help… for a charge, of course!

What will Brando think of the surprise from Sasha?


Spoilers: General Hospital for Tues, Mar 8th:

When Cameron & Joss go hunting for suspects, they are very certain they know who they should be looking for!

They’ve tried in the past, but will it be the year Spencer & Nikolas finally repair their damaged relationship?

Kevin is concerned about his serial-killer brother, Ryan & this can’t be good.

Britt is at a family get-together & for once, it’s an exciting experience!

What precisely is Victor doing these days? That’s what everyone wants to know, including Laura, who tries to find out.


Spoilers: General Hospital for Wed, Mar 9th:

While we’re happy to enjoy drinks with almost everybody, we are unsure of our feelings about celebrating the Cassadine clan’s rise with Victor. (On the other hand, it is likely that he will have some nice wine present).

In a complete twist, Ava & Nikolas are concerned that they are being used.

Sasha & Brando get bewildered.

Despite their greatest efforts, Dante & Sam realize that they are now late & it is not enough.

What is it that has Gladys so agitated?


Spoilers: General Hospital for Thu, Mar 10th:

Will Brando & Sasha pull it off when forced to think out of the box?

What do Michael & Willow want to remember?

Maxie & Austin can finally get closer now that finally all the secrets & all the lies aren’t in the way, or, at the very least, they would have come closer if they weren’t interrupted untimely.

While waiting for others to join them, Robert & Anna have some alone time to reconnect. What is Nina having in store for Sonny… & how is this going to affect his prospects of reconnecting with Carly?


Spoilers: General Hospital for Fri, Mar 11th:

If there is anybody Joss knows she can turn to, it is her mother for consoling. But, under these circumstances, will Carly make her child feel better?

Brook Lynn feels impelled to act in response to her observation. Cam & Jake are summoned by Elizabeth for a serious conversation.

When Esme arrives, Ava & Nikolas are busy planning arrangements. (Does anybody else have a hunch they’ll be annoyed by the disruption?)

Finn gives Chase an update on what’s been going on.

Sonny’s current preoccupation is his impending divorce with Carly, & you cannot really predict what the gangster will do next.


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