Days of our Lives spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 18

Days of our Lives spoilers and recaps from Mar 7 to Mar 18

From Monday, the Mar. 7th, to Friday, the Mar. 18th, 2022, we got the most recent spoilers of Days of Our Lives. When Abigail opposes Gwen, their sibling rivalry reaches new heights. Furthermore, when the story spreads that the devil might not be far away as everyone imagined, Leo convinces Craig to do something really unexpected!


Spoilers Monday, Mar. 7th Days of Our Lives:

According to today’s recap, Sarah believes Xander is Renee’s husband, Alex. In addition, Gwen is harassed, & Jake meets the devil.

Meeting at the DiMera may be all business, but we have a feeling Gabi will take great joy in dumping a shocker on those in attendance!

Gwen’s defenses are crumbling, & her only hope is to persuade Ava to not expose the specifics of Abigail’s abduction. Wait, Gwen’s destiny is in the hands of Ava? Yeah, best of luck, lady!

Johnny attempts to confront the demon. (Is anybody else thinking, “The Devil relocated to Georgia?).” Will Johnny pull away with the gold-plated guitar?


Spoilers for Days of Our Lives Tues., Mar. 8th:

In today’s recap, Ben & Ciara inform Susan of their concerns about Johnny. At the same time, Clyde & Orpheus form a partnership. Jake & Gabi split up.

EJ seems to be in for some significant issues behind prison walls. Why? Well, Orpheus & Clyde are plotting against him together.

Ben & Ciara believe Johnny has given the devil a home to reside in. Will Susan agree to their hypothesis if they discuss their concerns with her? Meanwhile, Jake will be astounded when he discovers Johnny’s real colors!

The information Belle provides EJ about his trial will that be positive or negative?


Spoilers Days of Our Lives on Wed., Mar. 9th:

Jake may have a better understanding of recent occurrences when Ben & Ciara inform him they believe Johnny is possessed. Meanwhile, as Susan attempts to figure out what’s going on, JoDevil succeeds in throwing her off guard.

Belle attempts to figure out why Chad flipped on EJ in court.

Chanel consoles Allie when needed the most. Will these young ladies be persuaded to go any further?


Spoilers Thursday, Mar. 10th Days of Our Lives:

Bring the popcorn to enjoy because this is going to be a good one: Nancy is going to square off against Craig’s play toy, Leo. A little birdie told us that the devious schemer had met his rival in Nancy, who, as veteran fans will remember, has a few tricks up her sleeves that can make a competitor pay!

What will John think when he learns about Chloe & Brady’s plot to reveal Leo?

When Will returns home & stops by to visit Marlena, one of our beloved grandmother/grandson combinations is reunited. Meanwhile, Sonny pays Justin a visit to convey his reservations about his father’s marriage.


Spoilers for Days of Our Lives Fri, Mar. 11th:

Chloe & Brady get up to pull a quick one upon Leo. (Would it be a lot to anticipate that these exes would rekindle their emotions for each other all along?) Meanwhile, Will & Sonny are trying all they can to get Craig to find & realize there is hope. If anybody knows how much difficulty Leo is causing, it’s them! Bonnie comes up to assist in giving Nancy a new look!

Has TR reformed his evil ways? We have our doubts, but Paulina & Eli will combine forces to sort it out.


Monday, Mar. 14th Days of Our Lives spoilers:

Marlena believed she was through dealing with the devil, but Ben is going to tell her that the demon who used to inhabit her hasn’t truly left Salem.


The following are the spoilers for Tues. Mar. 15th’s episode of Days of Our Lives:

TR & Eli’s relationship is going to turn heated. How far are Paulina’s violent ex-husband & son-in-law willing to go in their spat? And does this have anything related to the horrific scenario Lani & Shawn end up encountering?

Days of Our Lives Mar. 16th Spoilers:

Abigail & Gwen aren’t precisely in a relationship. When the newly abducted Abby encounters the lady who assisted in her kidnapping, it’s fair to predict that this will not be the right time to heal their relationship!


Spoilers Thurs., Mar. 17th Days of Our Lives:

Allie is going to confide in her best friend, Chanel. How is it going to affect their relationship, as well as Allie’s already broken with Tripp, in the future?


Spoilers for Days of Our Lives Fri, Mar. 18th:

Leo definitely wants to establish in Salem. To do so, he must ensure Craig gets a good job. However, Leo wants Craig not to take just an old job; he desires to take Kayla’s job.

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