Days of our lives spoilers and recaps from Feb 14 to Feb 18 2022

Days of our lives spoilers and recaps from Feb 14 to Feb 18 2022

We got the most current Days of Our Lives spoilers, which cover the week from Monday, Feb 21, 2022, to Friday, Feb 25, 2022, below. Tripp is prepared to make a proposal, but he may face some opposition. As Gabi lends a hand to JoDevil in his work, Gwen is asked to come to the carpet, and chaos erupts on island!

Spoilers of February 21 include the following:

After the Winter Olympics, Will & Sonny will return to their roles on Days of Our Lives! However, Leo Stark feels the same way…

Spoilers for the episode that airs on Monday, February 21, 2022:

Despite the fact that EJ was fully aware that his time in the prison would be difficult… He had no notion, on the other hand, who his fellow convicts would be.

Abigail is a force to be reckoned with, as Kristen learns the hard lesson when Chad’s wife skillfully takes charge of her kidnapper! In the same way, Sarah has resolved that the time has arrived to take action. In addition, since the situation at the island is fast worsening, Steve & Kayla believe it is correct time to begin planning an escape!

The unexpected position of Eric Martsolf provides him with a new perspective: “Just as I stopped grieving, I burst out laughing.”

Spoilers for Tuesday, February 22 include:

Two fan favorites are returning to Salem — be prepared for even more excitement! After a bizarre encounter with Sarah, Kayla & Steve may come to the conclusion that they should be wary. What is happening on this island, and why is it happening?

The questions Chad has been asking lately have increased significantly. Still, Tony will provide him with some information that may just put him just on correct path. If Gwen has any answers, Jack would appreciate it if she could share them with him. The dilemma is whether or not she will tell her father the truth.

The scenario in EJ’s cell is about to become much worse as he & Clyde try to get used to their new surroundings.

Spoilers Wednesday, February 23, 2022, include:

Abe may not have liked Paulina now, but he will not turn down her request for aid to deal with Lani’s father, right…? As Eli returns to Salem, Lani will ultimately provide an update to her husband on the latest developments. The proposal that Anna is making Paulina’s ex-boyfriend has a lot of meaning behind it. Find out who has joined the team and who will be on the edge of conquering TR!

When Kayla & Steve learn about Sarah’s incredible story, they are sure to be taken aback by it.

Spoilers for Thu, February 24, 2022 include:

Preparation is essential since Rafe & Nicole will be confronting Ava. The question is, will it actually be that straightforward?

JoDevil is putting out great effort to create a stumbling stone between Jake & Gabi. Will they be successful, on the other hand?

Nancy has been going through a terrible period lately, so it’s not a shocker that she seeks Marlena’s support.

I get a strong impression that if Chloe requests Brady for anything, he would cheerfully agree. The only thing that is still up in the air is how she will make her request!

Spoilers for the episode airing on February 25, Friday:

Because of recent strange occurrences — such as the horrible sign that automatically flips itself inside out — Ben, Ciara, & Julie are starting to wonder whether or not the devil was really banished from Salem.

Gabi continues to mislead Jake even as JoDevil attempts to take advantage of her. Were they ever going to defeat the devil’s plans?

For Rafe’s benefit, Nicole is willing to go to any length to help him!

Tripp & Allie are getting ready for the big night because he intends to propose to her. However, when he notifies Chanel of his intentions, it’s possible that she may intercede.

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