Days of our Lives spoilers and recaps for the Week of Mar 14th to Mar 21st, 2022

Days of our Lives spoilers and recaps for the Week of Mar 14th to Mar 21st

Our spoilers for Days of Our Lives run from Monday, Mar 14, to Mar 25th Friday. JoDevil pulls a quick one on Jake, while Chad sees that he made a lot of bad decisions & Lani hopes that Eli will live. Marlena, everyone’s favorite therapist, is she going to lose her job?


Spoilers Days of Our Lives for Mar 14:

In today’s recap, we see that the devil moves to another local of the Salem, Eli finds drugs on TR, and Allie tells Will about TR and Allie.

Marlena thought she was free from dealings with the devil. Ben is going to tell her about the demon who used to live within her body hasn’t really left Salem, though. Susan, who is absolutely sure that Belle is possessed now, does everything she can to get at least one person to believe in her.

Johnny’s ideas for a movie about Marlena’s possession are still being worked on, but Will wants to get him to give them up.

Beth, TR’s ex-girlfriend, has also something to say to Eli, and what she has to say will make him cold.


Spoilers Days of Our Lives airs on Tue, Mar 15.

There will be a lot of anger between TR & Eli in the future. How far is Paulina’s violent ex-husband and her own son-in-law going to go in their fight, and what will happen? And we wonder if this has anything related to the horrifying situation that Lani & Shawn end up in at the end?

She has kicked out the devil before, but can she do it again?

The next time Allie tells Will about how she feels about Dupree, he finds out about it.


This is what you need to know (Spoilers) about Days of Our Lives for Mar 16.

Abigail & Gwen aren’t in a real relationship, though. But as the woman who kidnapped Abby meets the woman that helped her, it’s most certain to assume that this will not be a good time for their relationship to heal.

It doesn’t matter that Abe isn’t Lani’s real father. When she has a problem, he always comes to help.

As Tony gets caught up in the commotion between Anna & “Renee,” Xander wishes that Maggie will finish the hard work of getting Sarah to the hospital.


On Thu, Mar 17, spoilers for Days of Our Lives.

Her best friend, Chanel, is going to listen to Allie tell her about what she is going through. Their relationship, and Allie’s broken with Tripp, will change in the future because of this.

We mean Eli’s health when we say “things.” People who are fond of him are afraid that he won’t live. When Abe sees TR, things quickly turn sour between them.


Spoilers Days of Our Lives on Fri, Mar 18.

Even though Leo doesn’t want to stay long-term in Salem, he thinks it’s important that Craig gets a job. However, Leo doesn’t want Craig to take his old job. He pushes him to try to get Kayla’s, too! Will & Sonny have added their friend Craig to their plan to finally get rid of Leo.

So, there’s another exorcism on the way, Marlena & John want to fight the demon together.

Check in today if you want to witness Chloe & Brady get back together.


Spoilers Days of Our Lives on Mon, Mar 21st:

What would you do when a friend needs your help? When Will & Sonny say that Chad should go under the sheets to be with Craig’s boyfriend for enough time to let the doctor figure out who he’s up against.


Days of Our Lives Tuesday, Mar 22nd. Here are some spoilers:

It was bad for Chad to get close to Abigail when EJ tried to get close to her in court. However, the devil was able to stop reason from winning. Will Chad be sorry and try to make things right, now that he knows what happened?


Spoilers Days of Our Lives for Mar 23:

JoDevil is back while Jake discovers Gabi & Johnny in a dangerous situation. There are times when the truth is not always what it appears to be. Would Jake perceive this?


Spoilers Days of Our Lives on Thu, Mar 24:

Maggie & Abigail are longing for better news regarding Sarah’s health. It will not make them feel better if Kayla says that what she says is true, though.


Spoilers Days of Our Lives for Friday, Mar 25:

Oh, no! Kaya has been forced to give Marlena’s resignation papers over to the police. Is she going to do it?

This is what Nicole & Rafe do with Ava.

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